The Pholoho Biotechnology FAQ is designed for you! Feel free to submit your comments, suggestions, questions so that we can respond to your reality.

How is your product an exceptional source of nutrition?

Insects are an alternative source with many nutritional elements (protein, calcium, magnesium) and livestock has no environmental impact unlike animal agriculture.

Is your product licensed by the CFIA?

The ingredient “dried insect larvae” has been added to Part II of Schedule IV.

Did you get a registration number?

Our request has been submitted and a number will be issued shortly.

What products does your company offer?

Protein additive, Lipids (oil), fertilizer and dried whole larvae.

What is the nutritional value of your products?

See media kit (price list)

Are your insects a local species?

The Molitor or mealworm is present on all continents.

Why does your company offer products from insect processing?

The population will reach, in 2050, the astronomical figure of 9 billion humans on earth. Feeding so many people requires major changes in how to produce nutritious and protein foods. Our products are an excellent source for aquaculture, farm animal feed and humans. The integration of insects into large scale feeding also has a positive impact on ecology and the environment.

What are your insects?

Our company raises millet suckers, also known as mealworms, or even the name of Molitor.

How do you breed and transform your insects into Pholoho products?

Our insects are raised methodically and we take care to restart the production according to the stage of growth while controlling the parameters useful to the production. We optimize the environment in which our insects evolve and grow. At the end of their growth, the insects are parboiled at a precise and controlled temperature in order to put them to sleep and sterilize them. Subsequently, depending on the end-of-line product, the larvae are either dried, crushed or transformed into oil.

Is your process totally biological?

We do not use any chemicals, pesticides or even less insecticides in our process, which would be nonsense and anti-productive. We feed our insects with organic cereal foods and, depending on the growth stage, they can receive in a controlled quantity food additives from certified organic vegetables.

What is the duration of the production cycle?

The production cycle in a controlled environment is very different from the normal cycle in nature since it depends strongly on the environment and geographical areas. The temperature, the lighting, the humidity, to name only these, have a notable influence on the different periods of cycle. We control all the farming parameters which greatly reduces the production cycle. However, for reasons of confidentiality, we prefer not to disclose information about our production cycles.

Can it be harmful to feed on animals or fish that have been fed Pholoho products?

Obviously not. Fish and animals already consume in nature wild insects. Insects are an integral part of their diet.

Is it advantageous to feed insects instead of directly feeding the human with the products used for breeding?

Cereals used to feed our insects are little consumed by humans. Therefore, we do not affect the food chain.

Can my pet eat Pholoho products?

Certainly! Your pets probably already consume insects without your knowledge when going out in the open air. Feeding your pet with croquettes made from Pholoho ingredients such as P-Meal or P-Oil is part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Can the natural ecosystem of the area be changed in the event of an invasion following a disaster?

The insect species of our breeding is already part of the environment of our region.

It is impossible for insects to escape from the production environment because they do not fly and are well maintained in closed containers for production.

Do you ensure the traceability of your different products?

Yes, completely. Our company has a traceability process that allows us to trace our products along the entire process line. All production steps are recorded and counted on our computer servers.