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Founded in 2019, Pholoho Biotechnology Group initially specialized in the field of alternative proteins. Under the leadership of Martin Joly, the company dedicated itself to developing healthier and more sustainable food products.

In 2022, a major evolution occurred in response to changes in the health market. The company incorporated artificial intelligence to deepen its research into bioactive compounds, leading to the creation of superior-quality nutraceuticals. This technology was not merely a tool; it played a key role in accelerating R&D and enhancing product quality and efficacy.

The company today relies on a solid scientific foundation and continues to commit to innovation. Its primary goal remains to improve and maintain consumer health.

In a global context marked by issues of overweight, obesity, and sustainability, Pholoho Biotechnology Group is refocusing its mission to go beyond trends. Using cutting-edge technologies, it aims to responsibly address current food and health challenges while minimizing environmental impact.

Each day marks a new step toward fulfilling this mission, adding new discoveries and opportunities to contribute to a healthier world.