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About us

We are Pholoho Biotechnology, a Canadian healthcare company founded in 2019, specializing in the development of preventive solutions for diseases caused by malnutrition.

Our goal is to innovate in the healthcare sector by offering advanced solutions, particularly to combat malnutrition, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Our specialization in life sciences guides us in the scientific development of advanced solutions, aiming to make our innovative products more accessible and to enhance their role in preventing malnutrition and associated diseases.

The company is backed by a dedicated team of researchers and diverse scientists. The products it offers are the result of years of research and development and are manufactured in compliance with the most demanding international standards.

Choosing Pholoho Biotechnology Group means opting for a healthier life through reliable and innovative products. The company sets and adheres to industry standards. Its R&D center is equipped with innovative equipment and technology, enabling in-depth studies and the creation of premium products.

The company’s commitment underpins the quality and effectiveness of the products offered, as well as the low environmental impact of its production activities. Pholoho employs sustainable practices throughout the production process.

Trust with consumers and partners is built on its integrated and transparent management methods. The company regularly undergoes financial and technical audits and controls.

Pholoho Biotechnology also maintains strategic partnerships with reputable research institutions and universities to stay at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. By aligning yourself with Pholoho Biotechnology Group, you are associating with a company renowned for its excellence in research, quality, and innovation. The staff takes pride in their accomplishments and is focused on the future of health and wellness.