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Agri-food biotechnology company

Your Starting Point for Health is Here.

  • Improve your daily and long-term health with our exclusive formulas while benefiting from essential nutrients with unparalleled simplicity.
  • Adaptable to various dietary regimes, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, ketogenic, low-carb, and gluten-free.
  • Enhance digestion, immunity, and vitality while promoting better recovery, focus, and longevity. A comprehensive solution for your well-being.
  • In line with the most current scientific advancements, our ingredients are selected and manufactured to ensure the highest quality and efficacy.
  • Antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other premium dietary nutrients for maintaining good brain, body, and gut health.
  • Quality Guarantee: Free from artificial sweeteners, added sugars, and hidden ingredients.

About Pholoho

Pholoho Biotechnology is an agri-food biotechnology company, founded in 2019 in Canada. We specialize in the development of microalgae products, targeting the prevention, management and treatment of malnutrition, both in humans and animals.

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Pholoho Insights

The Importance of Electrolyte-Enriched Water in Illness

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Powdered Dietary Supplements: A Daily Concentrate of Well-being

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Vitamin Water: A Partner in Your Daily Health

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