Pholoho Biotechnology specializes in the large scale production of high quality, environmentally friendly ingredients for the sectors of aquaculture, agriculture and biochemistry.

Thanks to our innovative technologies and our methods of genetic selection, Pholoho Biotechnology restores the balance with nature.

We create and develop high performance, high quality ingredients for the sector of aquaculture.

Our technology PHOLOHO ONE™ is the pinnacle of many continuous experiments which allows for automatic and optimized production. This know-how allows Pholoho Biotechnology to develop cutting edge ingredients.

Pholoho Biotechnology is proud of supporting it’s clients that decides to use alternative products and have durable development in mind. Even if you are a full scale producter or a private user, we will work in collaboration so you can reach your goals.


Our ingredients, rich in proteins and lipids, offers a solution to gastro-intestinal problems in animals and allows for a lower use of antibiotics.

Fertilizers and biostimulants

Our enriched biostimulant answers to all of the nutritious needs of plants, it promotes a healthy soil, helps rooting and helps blooming. Rich in trace aliments, our ingredients offers a balanced NPK ratio, which makes it suitable for any sized crops.