Pholoho Biotechnology specializes in the large-scale production of premium, natural and sustainable insect-based ingredients for the pharmaceutical and biostimulant industries.

Using high-tech solutions, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs, Pholoho Biotechnology is restoring balance with nature.

Our objectives are to develop high performance additives with high added value for high quality organic biostimulants based on insects for crops. Pholoho Biotechnology is also active in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our TENTECH ONE ™ technology is the result of a multitude of continuous experiments to optimize and automate our production. This know-how not only makes it possible to obtain optimized performance, but also to develop unique products at the cutting edge of technology.

Business sectors

Pholoho Biotechnology is proud to support customers to differentiate themselves with innovative products and having in mind sustainable development. Whether you are a producer or a user, we will work with you closely to ensure your success.


Our research team is working on the development of treatments potentially capable of providing concrete solutions against viral origin diseases.

Fertilizer and biostimulant

Our biostimulants as well as our certified organic multi-purpose fertilizers provide plant nutrients, improve soil structure, promote rooting and flowering of plants. They are also rich in trace elements.
Our products provide a balanced level of NPK, excellent for vegetable gardens, commercial greenhouses, lawns and trees (shrubs, coniferous and hardwoods).