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Pholoho Biotechnology has joined Biotech Santé Bretagne to accelerate its food biotechnology innovations.

Pholoho Biotechnology, a Canadian company pioneering in the development of microalgae-based products for human health, is excited to announce its integration into the Biotech Santé Bretagne innovation center. This strategic collaboration is a continuation of our efforts to innovate and advance in the field of food biotechnology, with a particular focus on malnutrition and disease prevention. By joining this renowned association, Pholoho Biotechnology gains access to a network of experts, specialized resources, and opportunities for collaboration on innovative research projects.

Joining Biotech Santé Bretagne allows Pholoho Biotechnology to share its scientific advancements and explore potential synergies, thereby strengthening its position in the food biotechnology sector. „We are thrilled by the growth and innovation opportunities this collaboration offers,“ said Martin Joly, CEO of Pholoho Biotechnology. „This represents an excellent opportunity to contribute more broadly to health improvement through our research and development in microalgae.“

Biotech Santé Bretagne is recognized for its catalytic role in developing innovative solutions in biotechnology and health, bringing together key players in these sectors to stimulate research and development. Pholoho’s integration into this community marks a significant step forward in fulfilling our mission to combat malnutrition and promote better health through natural and innovative solutions.

For media inquiries, please contact Martin Joly at or at 1800-978-2523 ext. 100.